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Starting a new exercise class can be daunting.  To help you choose the right class for you check the descriptions below.  If you have injuries or medical requirements call or email me so we can decide which is the best class for you.

St Albans  

Pilates Classes

Class Descriptions

Beginners : Perfect for anyone new to Pilates or who hasn't practised in a while.  You will learn all the fundamentals to give you a solid base to progress your practise

Improvers : As you progress after the first few blocks of beginners classes the pace will become quicker as you are more familiar with the exercises. They will also become more challenging!

Intermediate : The next challenge, more flowing and quicker paced than Improvers

Gentle Pilates : Designed for new clients and those with injuries or any bone related issues such as Osteoporosis.  

Core Rehab & Advanced Postnatal : 

The class is open to all clients.  

Just like a regular Pilates class the whole body is mobilised & strengthened but there is a clear focus & awareness of women's health & the pelvic floor muscles. 

For Postnatal clients, this class builds on the strength you have gained in the early postnatal class & develops that further.

We explore how a healthy pelvic floor supports the rest of our core muscles.  Working to gain a strong, well functioning core to help reduce back pain & support your whole body.


For information on Post Natal &

Pregnancy please click here

Tuesdays at The Pilates Workshop          St Albans 

6pm Improvers

Wednesdays at The Pilates Workshop
St Albans

9.15am Beginners
7.45pm Beginners/Improvers

Thursdays at Sandridge Village Hall       St Albans
9.20am Gentle
10.30am Improvers
7.20pm Intermediate

Fridays at Sandridge Village Hall       St Albans


Beginners / Improvers

Saturday at The Pilates Workshop       St Albans 
9am Core Rehab
& Advanced Postnatal
& Postnatal
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