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Group Mat Classes
£12.50 for 1 hour
Group Reformer Classes
£19 for 1 hour

Private tuition
One to one & Two to one
Price on request
Get in touch for more information

Further Pricing Information


Group Pilates Classes - Matwork & Reformer

Matwork class numbers are limited to 12. 


Reformer classes have no more than six clients per class.


This allows me to give all clients the help and correction they need to get the most benefit from the class.

All Positive Pilates classes are booked in terms.

There are 40 weeks of classes over 6 blocks during the year.  

Additional classes are available during Easter & Summer holidays.

Private Pilates Sessions

These are a great way to tailor sessions just for your individual needs, when you have specific goals, are recovering from injury or would prefer one on one tuition.  

They can be used to compliment your matwork or reformer classes.

I offer one to one tuition or two to one

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