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Pregnancy Pilates

Keeping moving during pregnancy can be tricky.  You're tired, perhaps feeling nauseous & your body is changing quickly.  But exercising during pregnancy, with a qualified teacher, is great for you & baby. 

My classes aim to educate you on what is happening to your body when pregnant.  I help you understand what movements are safe & movements to avoid, during exercise & daily life.  


 Benefits of Pre-natal Pilates

  • Gentle, safe & effective movements specifically for pregnancy

  • Develop & maintain strength in your core, spine, pelvis & joints to support your developing bump!

  • Meet other mums to be in your area

  • Become aware of & strengthen pelvic floor muscles - help prevent stress incontinence & women health issues post birth & in later life

  • Prepare your body for birth

  • Help with breathing

  • Take some time just for you to relax & focus on your body

  • Continuing to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy helps you regain your pre pregnancy body more quickly

Post Natal Pilates

Time is precious when you have a new born, especially if you already have children.  All of your focus is going towards the baby.  

My mum & baby Post Natal classes give you that time & help you recover from the demands that pregnancy has put on your body, specifically your core muscles & pelvic floor.  

Post natal exercise is also great for your mental health.  New mums can feel isolated, particularly if you experience incontinence or similar issues.

This class gives you a safe space with other new mums to come & for one hour a week focus on you.  

Like with pre natal exercise it is vital that you work with a qualified teacher & to have been signed off to exercise by your doctor.  

Your body has been through a lot, now it is looking after a baby who is going to get bigger & heavier.  Putting strain on your already tired muscles & joints.  Your posture may start to change, you feel aches that weren't there pre pregnancy.

Post natal Pilates helps you build a strong foundation in your muscles & joints, realigning & helping maintain & regain good posture.

Starting this good practise early in your post natal recovery is a great preventative measure.  

 Benefits of Post Natal Pilates

  • Gentle, safe & effective movements specifically for women who have been through pregnancy & labour

  • Develop & maintain strength in your whole body to protect against aches, pains & stiffness that carrying & looking after a baby can cause

  • Targeted movements that help regain strength in the core muscles & can assist in combatting diastis recti 

  • Meet other mums in your local area in my mum & baby class

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help prevent stress incontinence

  • Realign your body to help regain good posture 

  • Take some time just for you to relax & focus on your body

  • If you wish to go on to have more children Pilates & exercising safely can help your body recover before putting it through the hard work of pregnancy & labour again

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