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'I love my Positive Pilates classes, and have progressed from Gentle to Beginners. I have just had my 65th birthday, but am working full time (Activities Leader in the Care sector) with no thoughts of retirement. Pilates is great for me because it is so good for balance, core strength and flexibility. I also love having a time when I look after myself. Claire is a very good teacher and it is fun too. I love it!'


'Think your classes are brilliant - you make them brilliant.'


'I always enjoy your lessons but last night was VERY hard work and amazing! I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for a long times and felt great all day! Hurrah!'


'I’ve been going to Positive Pilates for over a year and I love it. Claire’s a great teacher, she very encouraging, knows her clients really well and will tailor the exercise to suit your needs. We also have a great giggle, usually at ourselves!'


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