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Spring Term Approaches!

It's hard to believe how quickly the last 12 months have gone & that it's nearly time for a new Spring term to start. Time flies when you're teaching Pilates & running your own business!

I set out on the journey of qualifying as a Body Control Pilates Teacher & setting up my own Pilates business because I loved Pilates & what it has done for me & my body. It's crazy & mind blowing that everyday I now help other people fall in love with Pilates & do something positive for their bodies.

There are many lovely clients that make each class fun & deepen my enjoyment of what I do. I've loved every class I've taught & everything I've learned about being the best teacher I can & running my own business.

With only a couple of months left before I go off on maternity leave for 3 months I'm overwhelmed with how well things have gone & feel I will be leaving my clients in some very safe hands whilst I am off learning how to be a mum! Another huge challenge but one I am so ready for.

I have written this post because I want to say thank you to all the clients I have worked with over the last 12 months; thank you to all the teachers who have shared their love, passion & knowledge with me over the years; thank you to my friends & family for supporting me & know that I can do this & above all thank you to my husband for being the best human ever.

I am one lucky lady!! The smile in this photo below was right at the start of this journey, it's nothing compared to the huge grin on my face right now & the lump in my throat from how emotional just writing this post has made me. I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones, I'm a tough Northerner really :-)

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